While Dana Auctions LLC was just established in 2020, auctioneer Dana Balsamo has extensive experience in antique textiles, working for over 20 years as a dealer, appraiser, and historian. 


In 1999 she opened Material Pleasures, LLC, an online store specializing in antique and vintage textiles, and sold at well over a hundred events over its 20 year operations.  Driven by her desire to evolve as a businesswoman and sensitive to the needs of her clients, she pursued an education to become an appraiser and received her certification as an American Quilter’s Society Certified Quilt Appraiser in 2014. As Dana’s expansive knowledge of textile history grew in recognition and demand, she developed a series of lectures to deliver at a number of historical societies, study groups, and guilds. Over the years, knowing her clients ask about downsizing their collections, she jumped at the opportunity to attend auctioneer school and earned her PA Auctioneers license in 2019.


Dana’s ability to adapt and commitment to improving herself to best suit her clients over her long career makes her ideal for the fast-paced, unpredictable world of auctions. Her unique enthusiasm for antique textiles and her compassion for her client base is what makes her the best auctioneer to suit your buying and selling needs.


Her extensive experience means you can be confident that her descriptions are accurate and designed to showcase the most important features to buyers and collectors.


Her deep knowledge of the market will bring you the best prices possible as a seller.  And her commitment and appreciation for your family heirlooms and lifelong collections means they will be treated with the utmost care until they find their next appropriate home. Trust Dana to always do right by you!


Dana Balsamo is a member of the National Auctioneer’s Association, the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association, The New Jersey State Society of Auctioneers, and the Professional Association of Appraisers – Quilted Textiles.